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J-0048Hi, I’m Serena Humphrey

The Survive and Succeed campaign is part of The F Word Ltd. At the F Word we’re all about straight talking, jargon free business finance training. We work with ambitious business owners who want to make more profit, have better cashflow and be strong fit companies who can last.  I’ve been on a mission for over 22 years now to help business owners understand finance, because it’s one of the key areas that decide the long term fate of any business.  Make profit and control your cash, and you have every chance of a successful future and your business being everything you dreamed of.

But finance is too often made overly complicated, so much so that a vast majority of business owners admit to being afraid of finance. And that fear means they never really get to grips with this most important area.

I’m a Chartered Management Accountant, a business owner and I’ve worked with over 200 companies in the last 15 years. I’ve been in business since 2000 when I set up my first business, a specialist book keeping and management accounting practice. I sold that business in 2012 to set up The F Word, as I wanted to find a way to reach thousands of business owners, taking away the fear and demystifying finance. I now spend as much time as I can working on Survive and Succeed because I know there is a way to get more companies to survive for longer and be more financially successful.

My “reason why” is a perfect storm of significant personal financial disasters. In the early 90’s three events happened that were to decide my future.  My parents lost their dream business and their home, I lost my first home that I’d proudly bought when I was 18, and the business I worked for failed dramatically and 400 jobs were lost (including mine),

It was a traumatic time, but a formative one. It drove me to find ways to stop great businesses from failing, to stop this happening to other good businesses.


Serena Humphrey FCMA

Managing Director

The F Word Ltd